Long before the days of Graffiti Foods, Phil Griesinger was the Director of Sales for the largest food packaging company in the world.  He traveled extensively to hundreds of food manufacturers all across North America. This position allowed him to get an up close look at the needs of many facets of the food industry.  He saw an opportunity to offer support to small to mid-sized regional restaurant chains. He discovered they needed consistent, quality products and the ability to control their costs. They needed research and development.  They needed quality control. They needed a manufacturer that would be willing to learn about their goals and provide them with a personal approach to manufacturing their products. These chains needed a partner in business. In 2004, Phil set out to do just that.

With a vision and a plan, the doors at Graffiti Foods opened.  From the very first day of business to the present, Graffiti Foods’ philosophy has never wavered.  We intend to always remember your business is more than just numbers and volumes. We understand that your growth and our growth go hand in hand.

At Graffiti Foods, there are no “off-the-shelf” products.  We create that specific flavor that fits each concept’s needs.  From soups, sauces, sides, gravies, appetizers, dips, fruit toppings to custom spice blends, our goal is to help you create a unique culinary experience that you can call your own.

We would love to hear from you and explore your concept’s ideas.  Come work with the Graffiti Team of experts to create customized products specifically designed for you. 

Our Mission and Vision

We will develop and deliver the safest and highest quality signature products in the industry.  Doing that requires listening, responding to our customer’s needs, continual improvement to our facilities and processes, and importantly, providing an environment where our associates can flourish.


While being committed to our customers, we are equally as committed to our employees.  We take a unique approach to the workplace that we provide. We value each of our associates and are devoted to providing a safe and open environment for each of our staff to grow. Without them, our vision would be just that.  A vision. They have helped make our vision a reality.

Giving Back

Graffiti Foods is not only committed to our customers but also the communities that our customers live in and serve.  We actively support many areas in education as well as work to advance children’s ability to gain experiences that they may not otherwise have.  It is our hope to expose them to broader possibilities in life.  As a food manufacturer, we continually support the fight against hunger.


Graffiti Foods firmly believes that giving back is essential to establishing us, not only as a leader in the industry but a leader in the communities that we serve as well.

We value the power of a handshake.