Our Mission & Vision

To become the superior, most preferred, and principal supplier of goods and services to the food industry. We utilize a uniquely artistic approach to provide unmatched culinary-centered development of goods and services to the food industry.

Graffiti Foods is a food manufacturer working to create artistic expressions of flavor for various partners in the food industry. The formula for our success and the scope of our services is a unique blend of research, development, sales, marketing, QA, QC, and service. We work collaboratively with our partners to research, develop, and establish mechanisms and vehicles for continued growth. With decades of food industry experience, our associates have well-established reputations for providing highest quality service, supports, solutions, and technical services for all arenas of the food industry.

Our Unique Approach

We collaborate with our partners to assure projects are completed and problems are solved and/or averted as timely and professional as possible. We think and work out of the box and off the page to ensure all details have been covered and accounted. We develop proprietary products, based on your recipes and requests. To facilitate the process, we make product and menu suggestions, based on our experience and industry and trend research. We make your recipes manufacturable, ensuring consistency, while maintaining your gold standards of quality. We work hard to provide solutions and protect and enhance your brand. We communicate with you, as your interests are our priorities.

Why Premade From Graffiti Foods

  • MADE FROM SCRATCH – Our products are made from scratch and fresh every day. We buy direct from the product sources in most cases, which gives our customers a fresher product. A recipe made from scratch is not pouring or mixing pre-made products from cans and jugs from a distributor.
  • CONSISTENCY OF PRODUCTS – We provide consistency of products so that each store gets the same recipe, with the same ingredients, from the same manufacturer, all the time, and every day.
  • PROTECTS YOUR BRAND – Eliminates employees from leaving with your signature recipes for your concept and the high costs of training and retraining staff.  There is virtually 100% turn over in labor in the restaurant business.
  • LOWERS COSTS – We do not measure raw costs in the door; we measure finished costs on the plate. Inventory, handling, labor, clean up, yield loss, overhead, workman’s comp, server’s, food safety, and waste to name a few.
  • REDUCES LABOR AND PREP TIME – So the focus is on execution and customers.
  • REDUCES INVENTORY AND KITCHEN SPACE – Pre-made will lower your inventoried items and in some cases eliminate stock items and reduce your category items. May help reduce kitchen space and add tables for paying customers.
  • REDUCES YIELD LOSS – You get 100% of what you ordered because you do not have to empty and transfer products from multiple containers.
  • REDUCES WASTE AND CLEAN UP – With your recipes pre-made in pouches you have no clean up and pouches take up very little space which will reduce trash and trash pickup.
  • WHY GRAFFITI FOODS – Working with Graffiti Foods gives you an additional culinary arm for product and menu development, intro to new markets, updates on industry trends, and focuses on food safety and food technologies.